Jacques Cory, international businessman specializing in M&A, pioneering author in business ethics, lecturer at the Universities of Haifa (elected Best Lecturer), Tel Aviv, Technion, in Israel, Insead, etc. Cory is the author of many articles and academic books published in the US at Kluwer, Springer, in France, and in Israel at Magnes, focusing on business ethics to minority shareholders, ethics in the defense industry, in banks, M&A, the stock exchange, the future of capitalism, the 2007/10 Great Recession, CSR, corporate governance, sustainability, globalization. He wrote an ethical code, cases, training for Sibat, Int'l Defense, a novel, a play..  read more...

There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without Work, Pleasure without Conscience, Knowledge without Character, Religion without Sacrifice, Politics without Principle,
Science without Humanity, Business without Ethics.                                        Mahatma Gandhi
Latest News
Award of Ometz Highest Ethical Prize by Arieh Avneri 2015
Jacques Cory with Sibat's Project Manager of the Ethical Code Shahar Horev
Jacques Cory with the Ethical Officer of Sibat and the Signed Ethical Code
Award of Ometz Highest Ethical Prize 2015