Publications of Jacques Cory
Essay: Profitability & Business Ethics, in journals & sites
36 Principles of Business and Ethics in the Economic 
World Towards 2020 (The Article in English in 2008...)

JudSuss/Antisemitism   Romanticism /EugeneOnegin    On Paris

The Rise and Fall of Business Ethics Following the Great Recession
Only Accountants Can Raise the Banner for the Ethical Revolution (News Letter of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, pp. 5-6)

36 Laws of Wrongdoing to Minority Shareholders in Unethical Companies (published in "Business Ethics", in Dissertation...) 
Correspondence En.He -  Economics, Politics: 20192020

Ethical Strategic Planning (published in Cory's book  
"Selected Issues in Business Ethics" and in various sites)
How to Implement a Turnaround Plan (published in 
Investment & Society Israel 1989, Seven Days Ltd., pp. 36-37)

Quoted on the International Journal of Scientific & Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan. 2012 on ethics & profits
Int. Ethical Fund   Global Center  for Business Ethics    Integrity Tests  
Article2/21N1  Internationale2021  Posts1-2/21  Relevance N1 02/21
Malta Yok  Gatekeepers N1 02/21  On Fundamentalism N1 03/21

Edited book "La RSE" on CSR published by Dunod, 2010, Chapter in French: "An Original Methodology for teaching CSR" - Bibliotheque Nationale de France - Google Books New Government N1 06/21

Brainwashing 2020. Past & today - Antigone, Mark of Cain. 2States
Revised Principles of SRI Second Republic of Israel  2020 Heb/Engl.
Summary of SRI Book/Vision vs. Current Situation - Hebrew/English
Introduction to book on Western Culture 1820-1939 in 10 languages

Amir, Noga and Itai in Israel, December 2013
Noga watching piano virtuose playing on the Internet, December 2013
Jacques showing Noga a piano concert on the Internet, December 2013
Noga Cory playing on the violin, December 2013
         Photos by Hagai Aharon for Cory Article in Globes in 9/08