Jacques Cory in Corfu, Greece
Itai Cory in Haifa
Photo by Hagai Aharon
Jacques Cory at the Yarkon's River Shore
Jacques Cory in Prague on a bridge over the Moldava
Jacques and Ruthy Cory at a Club Med in Bodrum, Turkey
Jacques and Ruthy Cory in Istanbul, Turkey, in December 2000
Jacques Cory lecturing at the Launching of his Novel at Suzan Dalal Hall, Tel Aviv on 7/29/2001 
Cory's novel (2d left) at an Israeli library in Dharamsala, India
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The Panel on Business Ethics in Israel with Jacques Cory, Jonathan Adereth, Arieh Avneri - Cory's Activist Mentor, and Peretz Lavie at Suzan Dalal Hall in Tel Aviv on 7. 29, 2001  
Jacques Cory interviewed by Itzhak Goren at Suzan Dalal Hall in Tel Aviv on July 29, 2001
Jacques Cory with the actors who played some scenes of his novel at Suzan Dalal Hall in Tel Aviv 
albert and pauline cory with branch from the sinagogue of larissa (pauline's father haim hometown)