Amir, Yossi and Shirly in Cory's Library 12/2016
Ruthy and Noga, Afek, 12/2016
Ruthy and Cory laughing in Naharya 12/2016 no. 2
Photos of the Launching of Jacques Cory's Novel at Suzan Dalal Hall in Tel Aviv on July 29, 2001 - lecture, program, article, panel and interview on the novel and business ethics in Israel. Top - back cover and front cover of the novel, front cover of the academic book published by Magnes.

Cory's grandchildren by height 12/206
Cory's granchildren with Ruthy and Cory, 12/2016
Ruthy and Cory laughing Naharya 12/2016
Cory's family celebrating Ruthy's 70th birthday 12/2016
Cory with Noga and Itai, Rosh Hanikra, 12/2016
Cory with Itai and Yael, Afek, 12/2016