Itai Cory in Palo Alto
Amir Cory, Danny Shechtman, Zippi Shectman, Ella Cory and Yoav her brother, at the Nobel Prize Award of Danny Shechtman in Stockholm, 2012
Jacques Cory at his public soutenance de these with Jury's members
Amir Cory, Jacque's son, at the Nobel Award of his Father-in-Law Dan Shechtman, Stockholm 2011
Jacques Cory in front of CNAM, Paris on 3. 23, 04 
Jacques Cory at the Celebration of the award of the PhD on March 23, 2004, with the members of the Jury: Professors 
Henri-Claude De Bettignies - Cory's Academic Mentor, Henk Van Luijk - the Best Man Cory has ever known (see correspondence about his death) , Gregory Katz Benichou, Yvon Pesqueux, Aldo Levy.
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Amir and Ella Cory at the Nobel Prize Award of Ella's Father Danny Shechtman, Stockholm, 2012
Jacques with his mother Pauline and Papou (grandfather) Jacob Cory in Cairo