Ruthy, her Baba (grandmother) Rosalia Cohen, Jacques, at their wedding
Ruthy and Jacques Cory 4
Photo by Hagai Aharon
Jacques Cory with the actors who played some scenes of his novel/play at Suzan Dalal Hall in Tel Aviv on July 29, 2001. 
Ruthy and Jacques Cory 3
Ruthy Cory in Naharya
Angelika Kauffmann - Penelope von Eurykleia geweckt 1772 - detail, Wikipedia Commons.
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Uri Levit, Jacques Cory's Business Mentor, the most ethical businessman Cory has ever known and collaborated with. Levit was CEO of Poalim Investments from 1981 to 1997, he founded with Cory who was VP of Elbit a 50%-50% subsidiary Eldor, collaborated with him on the purchase of Hazera, AG & other ventures, with integrity & ethics. All that, while Israel's business ethics deteriorated, as described in Cory's play "Nelly's Choice".