6 Articles - News1 in 5/18: Quasi-home I & II, Problematic Statements, Double Talk in Int'l Relations, Warmongers & Peace-seekers, A Woman Escapes from a Leper 

List/Links of Articles & Books' Extracts on Basic Problems

Short Articles: Satire Public Servants, Haredim Integration
Israel House/Fortress, Doomsday Depression, Idee Fixe, Israeli Arabs Identity, Solution to Israeli-Palestin. Conflict, Hatikva Satire, Gaon's Biography Review, Arabs' Mistake 
Education Revolution, Messi, Regev, BDS, Israel Identity. Israel's Second Republic versus France's Fifth Republic
10/19 - Article "Tribalism Party Wins Election" News1

Actual Context of the Play "The Visit of the Old Lady" (News1, 2.12), Updated  Version  Regicides 1995/2020

Social & Economic Justice in Israel (Published by Ometz, Nov. 9, 11) Based on  Lecture  published by News1, 11.11)
Open Letter to Leaders of  Social Movement: News1, 8/11 
Brethren, Our Country is on Fire (News1 Website, 12.2010)

36 Principles of Business & Ethics Towards 2020 (published in TI Israel's Site in 2008 and in various sites)
The Ethical Failures of the World Economic Crisis (Published at Ometz's Site in 2009) Cory's Articles   Cory's Blog News1

September 2008 - in Globes (G Magazine pp. 25-30) an Interview and a Review by Dror Feuer on Cory's Book 
Anat Cohen, Globes, 8. 4, 2008, on Ethical Screening for MBA Students, with Interviews of Leading Academics

36 Laws of Wrongdoing to Minority Shareholders in Unethical Companies (published in sites & books) 

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Itai Cory at a coffee shop in Palo Alto, USA, 2014
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Yael in mid 2014